3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Local Business Quickly

Easy Steps to Grow Your Local Business Quickly

Last Updated on: 1st February 2023, 04:58 pm

Expanding and growing a local business is difficult, especially if you don’t know how to increase your online presence, which is vital in taking your business to the next level.  Simply Be Found can help you do that so you can increase sales and grow your local business more quickly. 


Businesses want to position themselves near their potential customers. More often than not, you can see multiple competitors trying to squeeze themselves into that zone. This creates resistance for you to grow your local business and expand. But the best way to get ahead is by outsmarting them and making sure that your business ranks higher on search engines, and is found online. So, if you want your local business to be more successful, here are some of the few steps you can take to improve your online presence and increase sales.

Follow these three steps so you can expand and grow your local business with the help of Simply Be Found.  


1. Create an Account with Simply Be Found

Is your local business struggling to grow? It may be time for you to look at how you are presenting yourself online. There are many ways small local businesses can improve their presence on the internet. It is easier than ever before, only if you know the right way. 

The first step is to create an account with Simply Be Found. After that, in 90 days or less, if you follow the simple steps that our proprietary algorithm provides, you will start seeing results that will help you grow your local business quickly. The features and tools of our platform provide ease of use for managers, staff, and busy local business owners who are non-tech-savvy. Yet, at the same time, strong enough for those digitally inclined. But if you’re not don’t worry, because we never stop there.

We make sure that our support team is available to help you in every way possible.


2. Utilize Simply Be Found Tools


When people search for what they need, whether its products or services, they go straight to Google or other search engines. And that is the reason you have to ensure that your business information is posted correctly, so you can guide your potential customers into dealing and doing the business with you. 


Simply Be Found offers practical, easy-to-use features and tools to help you improve your online presence. So you can provide complete and accurate information for your customers to see. Here are some of the features and tools that you can use for your local business: 


  • Creating a Post – You can write and schedule a post then share it across multiple channels so you guide customers and drive expectations to what you can do and offer. Also, adding a photo to your post will give it more value.


  • Question & Answers – Answer your customers’ common questions and display them on your business profile. This acts like your FAQ section so customers can find answers to some of the common questions they usually have. Or attend to the live question and answer them inside Simply Be Founds’ easy-to-use local marketing platform. 


  • Generate and Respond to Reviews – We know how critical reviews are for a local business. There is a big number of customers who rely on, and validate reviews before purchasing a product or service. With Simply Be Found, you can view, generate, and respond to all your Google reviews directly on our platform. Your responses will be updated instantly when you hit the “save” button.
  • Uploading Photos – Post with an image attached gets 94% more views. If you want more people to read your updates, add relevant photos, so you can get more clicks, inquiries, and sales. At Simply Be Found, we make it easy for you to upload and schedule your photos for your customers to see. You can even attach pictures to your post and boost its views. 


3. Watch Your Business Grow 


Doing all of these, responding to reviews, answering questions, uploading photos, ensuring your local business is ranking high, and being shown to your local customers are overwhelming and time-consuming tasks. Add the learning curve you have to get through; just to perform all of these, is just too much. 

We understand. Simply Be Found knows that you virtually have no time to do all these things. 

Our founders are also small business owners just like you, so we know how hard it is to do things all at once. However, getting your local business found should not be complicated. It is the reason we made an advertising platform that allows you to be in control while getting found by more local customers on the web, cell phone, and voice search. 

In as little as an hour a week, you can grow your local business without the hassle of learning complicated processes and downloading complex software. Simply Be Found lets you expand and grow your local business quickly and effectively. 

To learn more about how Simply Be Found works on helping your local business succeed, visit Simply Be Found. 





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