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16 Steps to Online Marketing Success

16 Steps to Online Marketing Success

Last Updated on: 22nd May 2024, 05:22 pm

Discover How You Can Sell Your Small Business Online and Establish Your Online Exposure with These 16 Proven Marketing Strategies.

If you’re like most small local business owners, you don’t have the time to learn what online marketing means or even resources to market your local business online.

There are many different ways to sell your business online. Some businesses rely on email marketing; some use social media sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, while others use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tactics to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The trick is knowing which of these tactics work best for you and how much time and money you can invest into them.

With the help of this article, we will give you 16 easy steps that will help grow your local business and promote it locally.

Easy Steps That Will Help Grow Your Local Business for 2022

1. Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating, especially for small business owners. Not everyone knows how the process works; what is SEO? How does it work? Why do I need it for my small local business’ online marketing?

Those are some real, authentic, and honest questions we often get from our Simply Be Found members.

SEO isn’t just for large corporations or big names in your industry, even for small local businesses. SEO works by ensuring that your website content shows up when a user searches for a specific keyword (branded and unbranded) and matches your content. For example, instead of just using graphics and images, you can add more text-based information to your website to make it easily understandable for search engines when they crawl to your website and read your contents. This way, they can accurately match you with users who are searching for the same product or services.

2. Collaboration Is a Fun Way to Establish Your Business

Consider having a joint venture to create a more satisfied customer group as they are getting extra assistance or products from another local business whose goods and services complement yours. It is also a great way to establish a strong partnership and use each other’s customers.

3. Offer Giveaways!

You can draw more visitors to your website by running a giveaway or a contest. After all, everyone enjoys getting an item for free. Holding a giveaway not only gets you online exposure but also drives customer engagement as this excites them to connect with your business. Many other websites also use this method to promote and market their businesses with online marketing, don’t be left behind.

4. Generate Customer Reviews and Display Them Online

Gathering honest, unbiased, and genuine customer reviews from your local listings and social pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and publishing them on your website builds trust and credibility from your customers.

Online reviews are the most effective yet inexpensive marketing strategy you can use to attract prospects and turn them into buying customers. You can generate more reviews simply by asking! Your satisfied customers are more likely to leave a few good words to show appreciation for your business.

5. Become a Local Thought Leader

Customers do not want to buy from businesses with know-nothings. It is essential to become one of the local thought leaders in your area or present that you are a frontrunner in your industry. Besides gaining experience from your business’ scope, you can also learn from attending webinars, podcasts, or reading books and informational articles to understand current trends and customer behavior this helps with online marketing.

6. Post Online Videos

Besides writing blog posts or posting visually appealing photos, you can also consider adding some online videos to your website. You can utilize adding your business on YouTube and connecting it to your website to increase traffic and gain more visitors.

7. Build a Relationship with Other Web Admins

If you are not familiar with web admins, they monitor website performance with search engines, speed, design, and functionality. They also keep track of content, campaigns, and other online marketing activities. Creating a close relationship with them can give you some networking advantages. You can ask them to link your sites with theirs, or vice versa. It can create a whole network and trigger more offers for partnership using other high-authority web admins when done right.

8. Send Freebies!

Another excellent marketing strategy to bring your name on the market is to send your customers promotional items on top of their purchase. Even a simple gift such as ballpoint pens with your logo or your business name can be an excellent tactic to promote brand awareness and online marketing.

9. Make Your Website Accessible for All

Although it is nice to have a targeted audience that converts, it is crucial to building a website that can be accessible for all. Multimedia platforms are a great addition to your website. Multimedia contents use various content formats such as text, audio, video, images, gifs, animations, and other interactive content. However, these contents need extra patience, time, and attention from your visitors, which can also affect your web page load time making online marketing easier. Be sure that the rewards they are receiving are worth the extra effort they make.

10. Focus on Your Targeted Audience

Developing an effective internet online marketing strategy for the general mass can be challenging. One tip is to focus more on your market sector and be sure that your site suits their specific needs and interests. For example, your targeted audience is teenagers to young adults; your website can have a casual yet relaxed tone. On the other hand, if your targets are professionals and decision-makers, have a more polished and professional-looking website.

11. Give Attention to Your Metadata Tags

To see significant improvements in your web marketing revenue, you must pay attention to your website’s metadata tags and make necessary changes accordingly.

Meta tags are rich snippets of text that describe the page content. These tags do not appear on the front page but can recognize in the website source code’s back end.

It works when a search engine scans the blogosphere to your site content; then it proceeds in reading the metadata tags. Hence, it helps increase your online marketing money while increasing your online exposure through keyword optimization typically searched by your market.

12. Publish a Press Release

Publishing a well-written and specific press release is undoubtedly one of the most innovative ways to increase website visitors. Producing a press release with explicit and informative content can draw attention from multiple sources to publish it or open it to other niche markets. Either way, this will help boost your online exposure quickly.

13. Engage in Online Forums

Social pages are a beautiful way to connect, share ideas, and build relationships that can give you multiple backlinks to your web page. You can create an online marketing idea by engaging in online forums and learning what your audience wants. Understanding how they talk in the social setting helps you identify their interests and speed-up their decision-making.

14. Find Unique Ways to Give Gifts

Everyone likes to have something that holds value. Aside from running a contest, sending freebies, or holding a giveaway, you can look for other ways to give your loyal customers gifts. You can provide an online activity or mini games with a small prize or discount to winners or participants. It drives excitement to your customers and encourages them to come back for more. Some even share it with their friends, giving your site more online exposure.

15. Provide Coupons and Discount Vouchers

Another effective web marketing strategy is by providing coupons or voucher codes to successful buyers. As soon as customers receive their products and a coupon they can use for their next purchase, it dramatically improves customers’ likelihood of returning. People like to think that they are saving money instead of spending, providing a coupon with discounts and deals and encourages them to shop more on your site.

16. Get a Clear Online Marketing Plan Before Starting Your Promotion

While it is nice to utilize every web marketing strategy tip and technique written in this article, it is often not practical due to time constraints and financial limitations. Choose which strategies are going to give the most benefits to you in the least amount of time.

Remember, your business depends on being seen by more customers.

Can’t Figure Out What’s Best for Your Small Business?

From SEO to giveaways to blogging, the options are endless.

With a wide range selection of endless options, it’s hard to pick which one works best for our local business.

The good news is—now, it is much easier to achieve online marketing success in 2021 through Simply Be Found.

Simply Be Found works seamlessly by turning your business information such as name, address, phone number, website, and store hours in a system that gets recognized as advertising. We will send it out to popular networks, which gets your business found in cellphones, web, and voice searches.

If you want to know more about how Simply Be Found can help set up and optimize your business page; to improve findability and convert more people into buying customers. Visit if you want to gain more knowledge about how to set-up, optimize, and get your local business to the next level.

About the author:

Picture of Dean Koehler

Dean Koehler

Dean Koehler stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, co-founding Simply Be Found and with over 30 years of entrepreneurial business experience. His journey is marked by both successes and failures, each contributing to his profound understanding of the business world. What truly sets Dean apart is his light-hearted and compassionate approach towards everyone he interacts with. His Roots: Dean’s lineage is rich with educators, embedding in him a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling and analogy in teaching. This background has honed his ability to simplify complex concepts, making them relatable and easy to grasp. Love for Reading and Audio Books: An avid reader and now an audio book junkie, Dean immerses himself in a variety of genres. This extensive reading not only fuels his expansive vocabulary but also enriches his perspectives, allowing him to connect with a diverse audience. Unique Communication Style: Dean’s conversations are often peppered with witty one-liners from classics like ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Monty Python.’ These references are not just humorous but also serve as effective tools in making his points more memorable. Creating passion for storytelling; his love for books and movies is an integral part of how he communicates. He skillfully weaves narratives into his teachings, making complex ideas more accessible and engaging, which he skillfully drove his now adult children to exasperation with his comments. Engineering Mindset: With a background in engineering, growing up with a science teacher, and his wife still teaching science, Dean naturally gravitates towards a methodical and analytical approach. He often draws parallels between science experiments and business strategies, demonstrating his knack for innovative problem-solving. If fact he and his wife spend several hours talking about real life situations for science experiments to parallel which creates story for her students. Passion for Storytelling: Dean’s love for books and movies is an integral part of how he communicates. He skillfully weaves narratives into his teachings, making complex ideas more accessible and engaging, which he skillfully drove his now adult children to exasperation with his comments. Dean’s unique blend of experiences and skills makes him an invaluable leader at Simply Be Found. His approachable demeanor and insightful perspectives have been key in guiding the company through the ever-changing landscape of online marketing and business growth. Although he does talk much about it, his academic and professional journey is a complex blend of hands-on experience and formal education, embodying the spirit of dedication and perseverance. His path reflects his commitment to continuous learning and adaptability in the face of evolving industry landscapes. Dean’s career began with a machinist apprenticeship program, a rare and valuable starting point in today’s world. This experience laid the groundwork for his practical understanding of the industry. He furthered his education with an associate degree as an electronics technician, a testament to his technical acumen. Dean didn’t stop there; he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Colorado State University, sharpening his skills in corporate leadership, process, and plant engineering roles. Next, earning a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Management from Northern Illinois University marked a significant milestone in his career. Notably, Dean accomplished this while juggling a full-time job and starting a family, showcasing his exceptional time management and dedication. Lastly and what he considers the most important is the School of Hard Knocks: Dean takes immense pride in his experiences outside the classroom. The ‘school of hard knocks’ has been instrumental in teaching him invaluable life skills. These experiences have given him a unique understanding of the challenges faced by small business entrepreneurs, aligning perfectly with his role at Simply Be Found. Dean’s journey, marked by a combination of formal education and real-world experiences, has equipped him with a diverse skill set and an empathetic understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. This makes him not just a leader but a relatable figure for those navigating the complex terrain of small business ownership and online marketing.

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